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Hi, I’m Elle Prothero.

I hail from the city of Atlanta, Georgia (it’s “A.T.L.” never “Hotlanta” y’all get with it) and now I’m based in Los Angeles, California. Yes, I still say “y’all.” It’s efficient and it makes people go:

“Ohhh girl, where are you from?”

The South, boo.

I earned BA’s in Journalism and Film Studies from the University of Georgia in 2010, then made my way to Los Angeles…

To tell stories.

Now, I write scripts — original and commissioned works of television and film. It’s a basically rad job and I love it. I also love helping other people with scripts and offer polishing and coaching services.

∴ new news! → Circa June 2019, I sold an original short to some very exciting folks. Can’t wait to drop names real classy-like, but it’s all top secret for now. ← eekyay! ∴

I’m so about stories, I created an event called Story Bazaar L.A.

Story Bazaar L.A. is a themed multi-media soiree showcasing and celebrating storytellers from all walks of life while raising funds to support local Los Angeles non-profits.

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I also tell stories to sell things.

Specializing in creative copywriting, content marketing, and website design, I’ve worked with brands and individuals to find the most effective ways to tell their stories to their people.


My background and continued freelance work in tv/film and event production have left me with strong leadership, communication, and project management skills. *pats on back*

I’m for hire. Thanks for stopping by. xo, L.



P.S. → Other works of fact, fiction, and feelings.

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Screenplay & Narrative Content
Script Coaching
Script Polish
Copywriting & Editing
Website Design

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Check Back Soon, lovers…

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