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Alexander Wang Cigarette Case Necklace

Dear Jessica Jones, We got you a present… This two-compartment case is fortified in gold-plated, rose-gold plated, and silver-tone rhodium-plated brass, making your joints as indestructible as you are…

Golden Goddess Botanicals

The goddess of the hunt walks barefoot through a dewey forest on a chill morning. Supplicants beg her for an audience, asking to know which path to follow out of the forest, first begging to be held in her nurturing embrace. She consents. This is Lush

Strava Peace & Wellness Collection Coffees

Making Monday morning suck a helluva lot less, one cup at a time… Sträva Craft Coffee comes to you in four levels of CBD infusion, from 30 mg to 120 mg, so you can brew accordingly based on Monday morning crisis levels…

HERB: Mastering the Art of Cooking With Cannabis

With Herb’s hundreds of “mouth-watering” recipes, you’re set to impress with a three course meal. Hell, I can make five, you say! Slow down Casanova, you’ve gotta have something left in your pocket for this broad…

Stink Sack Cassette Tape Baggies

These retro fit Stink Sack cassette tape baggies will keep out that dank smell and blend right in with all your old stuff! Peace will be had. Ma will be none the wiser, even if she snoops through your stuff just like she always used to.

ASCHE Leather Pouchettes

You never leave the house without a little stash, and that’s why you’ll never leave the house without your little Asche.

Milk Makeup Roll + Blot

You don’t like clutter.  You do like items that multitask as well as your assistant Alejandro does. Like when he fits his squats workout into filing-outside-your-office-door time. You like that. So you love your Milk Makeup Roll + Blot portable blotting sheets, for a few excitingly efficient reasons…

Silke Spingies Gold Leaf Paintings

Who knew? We did. Your dad’s a classy guy. So get him what he wants… golden cannabis leaf paintings for his bedroom, bathroom, and obviously his study, filled with rich mahogany and many leather bound books (that still hide his old stash from the ’70s).

My Bud Vase

My Bud Vases are each one-of-a-kind, repurposed from vintage glass art and flower vases. They even come stocked with fake flowers, which ma can use to disguise her beautiful bong as an elegant centerpiece when Pastor Bob comes over for tea.

“Jesus don’t need to know everything,” as Mama says.